CD and DVD Duplication

Bring us a CD or a DVD--and we'll make as many exact copies as you'd like for as little as $1.25. We use only the best quality discs, and have a fast turnaround. We accept orders of any size--whether you're looking for a handful of professionally duplicated data CDs, a few hundred music CDs, or a thousand DVDs for a company event, we've got you covered! We can create and print full-color artwork directly to your discs--and all projects will be burned exclusively to the industry's highest quality discs. Price is based on the size of your order and the custom design we're printing on your discs. For more info, please email us or call us at 785-764-5909.


Video & Audio Conversion

If you have video tapes (VHS, Hi-8, 8mm, VHS-C) or audio cassettes you'd like to preserve, you'll need to convert them to a digital format. We'd be happy to convert your old tapes to DVDs or CDs. Please note the conversion rate of $29.50/hour of footage is not based on the number of video tapes but on the amount of actual footage on the tapes. For instance, if you bring us twelve five-minute-long video tapes, we can put the footage on one DVD for $29.50. And if you bring us one full 2-hours-long video tape, we can put the footage on two DVDs for $29.50 each. We can also create a motion-thumbnail menu with custom chapter points for your new DVD for $15 per DVD. This is strongly recommended for projects with multiple subjects (like home videos) and is a wonderful way to unlock the mystery of what is on each of your home videos!


Video Editing

We will also take on a few select video editing projects.


We're located at

3300 Clinton Parkway Court Ste. 207
Lawrence, Kansas 66047
Phone: 785-764-5909



Available by appointment or else by chance.


Kind Words

Rick did the job with care and quality ensuring that my family's memories are protected - well worth the price!

- Bobbie Gish

Rickvideo is creative and top notch. Recently Rick helped us with our collection of old VHS magnetic tapes, which were deteriorating, by converting them to digital files. He understands the importance of having those early family memories preserved and organized by chapter for easy viewing. Now we can revisit our wedding video or watch our children's baptism, a specific birthday party or that special family vacation. We can pull out a DVD and view a memorable event from 15 years ago because it's organized and easy to find. Rick's years of experience in Los Angeles taught him the value of a quick turn around time and a high quality product delivered to the customer's satisfaction.

- Annie Stevens

I passed on a shoe box full of VCR tapes, many of which had static segments. In return, I got a quality set of DVDs labeled and thumb-nailed. We have been able to go right to certain moments with ease.

- Kara Perry

Rickvideo took our old VCR home movies and made them into treasured keepsakes. We can enjoy them and keep them for our grandkids. It's one of the best investments you can make.

- Sheryl Henry